Patrick Mahomes expressed frustration over what he perceived as made ‘huge’ accusations’ about Justin Tucker and NFL clash…

Patrick Mahomes accuses Justin Tucker of ‘trying to get under our skin’ in NFL clash

Patrick Mahomes expressed frustration over what he perceived as an attempt by Justin Tucker to disrupt the Kansas City Chiefs’ pre-game routine before the AFC Championship clash with the Baltimore Ravens. The Chiefs emerged victorious with a 17-10 win at M&T Bank Stadium, securing their fourth Super Bowl appearance in five seasons.

Despite Mahomes’ stellar performance, completing 30 of 39 passes for 241 yards and a touchdown, the quarterback was visibly irritated by Tucker’s actions leading up to the game. The incident unfolded as players were warming up on the field, and tension escalated when Travis Kelce took issue with Tucker’s choice of practice location.

Kelce, seemingly bothered by Tucker’s presence, intervened by kicking away Tucker’s teed-up ball, discarding the rest of his practice balls, and even tossing Tucker’s helmet aside. Mahomes, speaking to 610 Sports Radio, criticized Tucker’s behavior, stating that he had encountered similar situations during his seven years in the league, specifically highlighting incidents in Baltimore.

Mahomes alleged that Tucker’s actions were deliberate attempts to provoke the Chiefs, stating, “He does that to get under our skin.” Mahomes recounted asking Tucker to move his equipment, claiming Tucker made a minimal adjustment, prompting Kelce to take more decisive action. Despite expressing respect for Tucker’s skills as a player and kicker, Mahomes emphasized the importance of mutual respect among teams sharing the field.

A peculiar incident was reported before the official warm-up, as Tucker was observed in the end zone where Mahomes was preparing without a kickoff tee. This raised speculation about Tucker attempting 110-yard field goals, a move that deviated from the customary warm-up routine restricted to the players’ 45-yard lines.

On the field, Kelce and Mahomes showcased effective collaboration, with Kelce leading the Chiefs in receiving with 11 catches for 116 yards and a touchdown. Kelce also surpassed Jerry Rice’s NFL postseason record of 151 receptions. Meanwhile, the Ravens struggled with discipline during the AFC Championship, accumulating five costly personal fouls.

Looking ahead, the Chiefs are poised to face the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII, marking a rematch of Super Bowl LIV. The game is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 11, and anticipation is building for a compelling showdown between the two formidable teams.

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