Clippers’ Bones Hyland heartfelt message ahead Of The NBA Trade Deadline…

The San Antonio Spurs may not be making significant waves in the NBA trade market ahead of the February 8 deadline, but there’s still an opportunity for them to enhance their backcourt. While the acquisition of a high-profile player like Dejounte Murray seems less likely, the Spurs could opt for a smaller move to reinforce their young core and provide support to emerging talent Victor Wembanyama.

Facing a shortage in point guard depth, the Spurs currently rely solely on Tre Jones in that position. While players like Blake Wesley and Malaki Branham can fill the role, their strengths lie in off-ball play. Following an unsuccessful experiment with Jeremy Sochan as the floor leader, the Spurs have found success when pairing Wembanyama with a true point guard, and currently, Jones is the sole candidate.

One potential solution on the NBA trade market is Bones Hyland, a 23-year-old guard currently underutilized on the Los Angeles Clippers’ bench. His playing time has decreased since the Clippers acquired James Harden, and reports suggest the team is open to trading him. This presents an opportunity for the Spurs to address their point guard needs.

The Clippers, leading the league in three-point percentage but ranking 19th in attempts, could benefit from acquiring a player like Doug McDermott, known for increasing shooting volume. A proposed mock trade suggests the Spurs receiving Hyland and PJ Tucker, while the Clippers get McDermott. With McDermott set to become a free agent in the summer, this trade provides the Clippers with flexibility in roster adjustments.

Bones Hyland, previously an effective backup guard for the Denver Nuggets and Clippers, saw a reduction in minutes but demonstrated his potential, averaging 10.9 points and 2.9 assists in 19 minutes over his first two seasons. Despite his career 36 percent three-point shooting, he struggled to secure playing time on a win-now Clippers team with stars James Harden and Russell Westbrook in the backcourt.

The proposed trade allows the Spurs to take a calculated risk on Hyland, capitalizing on his potential while his stock is relatively low, rather than opting to flip McDermott for draft picks or receiving nothing in return. It offers a strategic move for the Spurs to address their point guard depth and provide valuable support to their developing roster.


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