NFL analyst shares ‘crucial’ updates on how Deshaun Watson can bounce back next season; fans will love it…

The imperative for the Cleveland Browns is to unleash Deshaun Watson’s full potential, and the hiring of Ken Dorsey, recently let go by the Buffalo Bills, is seen as a strategic move towards that goal. While Dorsey’s play-calling has faced scrutiny, his prowess in player development, scheming, and play design is acknowledged as top-notch. Nate Geary, a Bills analyst, asserts that this union could prove to be highly beneficial for both parties.

Despite acknowledging concerns about Dorsey’s impact on Watson, given that head coach Kevin Stefanski is likely to continue calling plays, Geary remains optimistic. Drawing parallels between Dorsey’s successful work with quarterbacks Cam Newton and Josh Allen, Geary contends that Dorsey’s expertise in molding quarterbacks could have a positive effect on Watson. Geary highlights Watson’s refined pocket-passing skills, emphasizing that, while not as mobile as Newton and Allen, Watson can still extend plays and create opportunities with his feet.

Geary points out that both Newton and Allen experienced significant career improvements under Dorsey, albeit at younger stages of their careers. Acknowledging Watson’s established status in the league, Geary believes that Dorsey, with his track record, has the potential to harness Watson’s skills and traits, even if not directly involved in play-calling. The focus is on Dorsey’s ability to bring out the best in Watson, molding him into the most formidable version of himself in Cleveland.

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