Chiefs vs Bills prediction: Can Allen finally get past Mahomes in the NFL Playoffs?

The battles between Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills and Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs have become appointments football viewing.

The upcoming AFC divisional round playoffs between the Buffalo Bills, led by Josh Allen, and the Kansas City Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes, mark the third postseason clash in four years for these two powerhouse teams. This encounter is significant for the Bills, who are striving to overcome the obstacle that has thus far prevented them from reaching the Super Bowl during Allen’s tenure. While Mahomes emerged victorious in their previous playoff meetings in 2021 and 2022, the dynamics have shifted this time, with the Bills enjoying the home-field advantage at Highmark Stadium.

Mahomes, renowned for his outstanding performances, has never played a playoff game on the road. However, circumstances dictate that he must do so this Sunday in Orchard Park, New York, as the Bills secured a victory at Arrowhead in December and clinched the AFC’s No. 2 playoff seed ahead of the Chiefs. Adding to the narrative, the Bills also claimed victory in their regular-season matchup in 2022, providing evidence that they can compete against Mahomes, albeit not in the postseason. The oddsmakers favor the Bills, establishing them as 2.5-point favorites, and a supercomputer analysis concurs, giving Buffalo a 59.0% chance of winning—the highest SmartRatings score for any game this season.

The outcome of this clash will determine the contender for the AFC championship, with the victor facing either the Baltimore Ravens or the Houston Texans. This high-stakes game has garnered one of the highest SmartRatings scores of the entire season, signifying its potential as a thrilling and intense matchup.

Amidst the anticipation, several crucial subplots add depth to the narrative. The article raises questions about whether anyone on the Chiefs’ roster can effectively challenge Mahomes, given the team’s strategic roster-building approach. The Chiefs invested heavily in Mahomes, acknowledging his worth, while relying on draft picks, player development, and cost-effective acquisitions to complement the roster—a strategy validated by their 2022 Super Bowl triumph.

As the stage is set for this highly anticipated playoff showdown, the football world eagerly awaits answers to these subplots and the resolution of the longstanding duel between Allen’s Bills and Mahomes’ Chiefs.


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