UPDATE: Detroit Gears Up for Second Playoff Game with Unprecedented Ticket Prices…

UPDATED: Detroit Gears Up for a Second Playoff Game with Unprecedented Ticket Prices…

The anticipation in Detroit is palpable as the Lions gear up for their second playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, and it comes with a hefty price tag for tickets.

Following their thrilling 24-23 victory over the Rams that propelled them to the next round, the Lions are set to face the Buccaneers, who showcased an impressive performance against the Eagles on Monday night.

The city, still buzzing from the Lions’ first playoff win in over three decades, is eagerly awaiting the possibility of another triumph.

As Detroit prepares to host Baker Mayfield and his team this upcoming Sunday, ticket prices mirror the excitement generated by the first playoff game against the Rams.

Securing entry into Ford Field doesn’t come cheap. The cost to witness the action on the field is equivalent to purchasing over 20 cases of Busch Light. Ticket prices are soaring, ranging from approximately $1,500 to an astonishing $17,000. For the price of a car, fans can attend Detroit’s second playoff game since the early 1990s.

The pricing dynamics for the Rams/Lions game are influenced by basic economic principles, contributing to the overall high cost. As a result, a stroll to Ford Field on Sunday will set you back around $750.

Is the competition worth the expense? Opinions may vary, but for those in the vicinity, hitting the ticket button might be a tempting proposition.

For those interested, here are the details for the Lions vs. Buccaneers matchup:

  • Competition Date: Sunday, January 21, 2024
  • Game Time: 3 pm ET
  • Stadium: Ford Field
  • Live Streaming: Fubo (Watch Lions and Buccaneers on Fubo)


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