Brian Windhorst shares a five-word message as he casts doubt on the Lakers trading for Zach LaVine…

Brian Windhorst : “There’s A Zero Percent Chance”

The prospect of a trade between Zach LaVine and the Los Angeles Lakers appears to be fading, as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst expressed skepticism, asserting a “zero percent chance” of the Lakers acquiring LaVine. The Lakers, currently 11th in the competitive Western Conference with a 19-21 record, are actively exploring other options to enhance their roster, despite stellar performances from LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The team’s supporting cast has struggled with inconsistency.

While the Lakers are expected to remain active in trade discussions leading up to the deadline, Windhorst suggests that LaVine is unlikely to be part of their plans. The Lakers are reportedly seeking another star to complement James and Davis. Despite their interest in LaVine earlier in the NBA season, it now seems improbable that a trade will materialize.

Conversely, the Chicago Bulls, LaVine’s current team, are actively seeking ways to shake up their roster. Although the Lakers may not be pursuing LaVine, the Bulls are evidently looking to move him. In 23 games this season, LaVine has averaged 20.1 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 4.0 assists. The Bulls, buoyed by the improved performance of Coby White, have experienced a resurgence after a lackluster start to the season.

While uncertainties persist regarding potential trades, both the Lakers and Bulls are motivated to make roster adjustments. Despite the diminishing likelihood of a LaVine-Lakers trade, the dynamic nature of the NBA trade landscape leaves room for surprises leading up to the deadline.

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