“At Nebraska the platform is laid”: Mario Buford drops a ‘classy’ message of his Husker beginning:…

Entering this new era of their football journey, the Buford brothers, Mario and Marques, find themselves as unexpected teammates, facing sub-zero temperatures and snowstorms with the spirit of competitors unafraid to sport short sleeves. Despite a three-year age gap and Marques always challenging himself against older opponents, destiny has finally brought them together on the same team, in the same uniform.

This unique convergence marks the first time Mario Buford, a freshman defensive back, shares the field with his older sibling. Reflecting on their dynamic, Mario recalls Marques always playing with older kids, making it nearly impossible to be on the same team. Now, as teammates, Mario predicts the stands will echo with their mother’s cheers during their games this fall, emphasizing the significance of this familial unity.

In a recent interview with Husker247, Mario’s enthusiasm about his Nebraska football career as an early enrollee shines through. He speaks passionately about the invaluable support from his family and his belief in thriving under Tony White’s defensive strategy. The conversation also touches on the profound impact of a postgame moment in the Husker locker room, revealing insights into the transformative era under coach Matt Rhule.

Contrary to expectations, Mario’s commitment to Nebraska was not a straightforward decision; it was merely influenced by Marques’ prior association with the team. Throughout the majority of his recruitment process, Mario contemplated choosing another path. However, an official visit to Lincoln in early June and a pivotal conversation with Coach Rhule swayed his decision, turning the possibility of two Bufords proudly representing the N into a reality.

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