Insider Predicts Bills’ Strategic $22M Move for 2024 Season on QB Josh Allen…

Insider Predicts Bills Make $22M Move on QB Josh Allen…

The Buffalo Bills are facing a significant salary cap challenge as they approach the 2024 NFL season. Despite this, an insider believes the team can ease the financial strain by making a substantial move concerning their star quarterback, Josh Allen.

According to a report by’s Matt Verderame, the Bills are entering the upcoming season with a considerable portion of their salary cap allocated to contracts for 10 veteran players. Josh Allen, in particular, is in the fourth year of his eight-year contract, set to receive $30 million in cash, which contributes to a substantial $47 million cap hit.

However, an insider, Sportrac’s Michael Ginnitti, suggests a potential solution to alleviate this cap burden. Ginnitti proposes that the Bills could free up a significant portion of cap space, approximately $22.7 million, by restructuring Josh Allen’s 2024 base salary and a $6 million roster bonus into a signing bonus during the offseason.

Ginnitti also points out the Bills’ potential need to allocate some of this freed-up money to secure a new backup for Josh Allen. Currently, Kyle Allen occupies this role on a one-year veteran minimum contract, signed during the previous offseason.

This strategic move isn’t the Bills’ first attempt to manage their salary cap constraints. In October, the team restructured the contract of left tackle Dion Dawkins, converting his base salary into a signing bonus to create $3.9 million in cap space.

While there was speculation that the Bills might use the created cap space to make a play for a player like DeAndre Hopkins from the Tennessee Titans before the trade deadline, the team ultimately focused on strengthening their defense. They acquired cornerback Rasul Douglas in a trade with the Green Bay Packers and signed free agent defensive lineman Linval Joseph.

Looking ahead, The Athletic’s Joe Buscaglia predicted in June 2023 that the Bills might need to make additional moves to address their cap situation. One suggestion was parting ways with veteran players, with safety Jordan Poyer and veteran center Mitch Morse identified as potential candidates.

Buscaglia highlighted safety Jordan Poyer, suggesting that, despite his return to the team on a two-year deal for the 2023 season, the 32-year-old needed to prove he could maintain a high level of performance. Releasing Poyer could result in a significant $5.5 million in cap savings, which might be used to secure a younger safety or address other positional needs in the upcoming season.

Another potential move involved parting ways with veteran center Mitch Morse, with Buscaglia noting that although Morse has been a leader in the locker room and a standout offensive lineman, the team could save an additional $8.5 million in cap space by letting him go. Morse’s performance would be a determining factor, and if he maintains a high level in 2024, he could remain the starting center for the Bills.

With the Bills facing a looming salary cap crunch, insiders suggest restructuring Josh Allen’s contract could be a crucial move to create significant cap space. Additionally, potential cuts to veteran players like Jordan Poyer and Mitch Morse are seen as plausible steps to further address the team’s financial situation.

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