Titans coach Mike Vrabel drops a ‘classy message’ ahead of Sunday’s finale; fans will love what he said…

In the face of a disappointing 5-11 season, Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel expressed his frustration and desire to win the final game of the regular season. As the 2023 NFL season approaches its conclusion with Week 18, the race for the AFC South title remains open for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, and Indianapolis Colts. In contrast, the Titans, once dominant in the division and regular playoff contenders, find themselves eliminated from postseason contention, shifting the team’s focus to discussions about draft position rather than playoff scenarios.

The team’s 5-11 record reflects a challenging season for Vrabel, a coach with a proven track record of success. In a passionate statement, Vrabel emphasized the emotional toll of a losing season, bluntly stating, “It sucks to lose.” He further elaborated on the difficulty of dealing with a losing record, expressing the toll it takes on sleep and the desire to win for the players who put in hard work throughout the season. Despite having won two division titles and three Super Bowls as a player, Vrabel is grappling with what he described as the worst season in his six-year coaching career.

As the Titans face a four-game losing streak and anticipate an offseason marked by changes, Vrabel is resolute in focusing on the upcoming matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars. When asked about the future, particularly the potential starting role for rookie quarterback Will Levis, Vrabel redirected the conversation, stating, “I’m not ready to talk about our future or anybody else other than what’s happening this week with Jacksonville.” His primary goal is to finish the season on a strong note and secure a victory in the final game.

Mike Vrabel wants his Titans to beat the Jags in season finale because losing 'sucks' - Newsday

The impending matchup against the Jaguars could also mark a significant moment for running back Derrick Henry, who has been a cornerstone of the franchise during Vrabel’s tenure. Henry recently achieved his fifth 1,000-yard season with the Titans and is approaching free agency. However, Vrabel remains focused on the immediate task at hand and declines to entertain sentimental thoughts about potential departures or changes. He emphasized the importance of finishing the season professionally and classily, providing the players with the best opportunity to win.

While acknowledging the disappointment and frustration surrounding the team’s performance this year, Vrabel remains committed to ensuring a professional and classy finish to the season. He recognizes that individual successes contribute to team success, encouraging players to strive for personal accolades in the final game. As the Titans aim to salvage the last remnants of the season, Vrabel’s determination to end on a positive note underscores the resilience required in the face of adversity.



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