Andre Johnson sends a classy message as he reveals the most uncomfortable conversation with Texans ownership in a social media post…

The 2023 season for Houston Texans football has marked a significant turnaround, bringing relief and positivity to fans after enduring three seasons of misery. The key factor behind the drastic shift in fortunes is the departure of former Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Jack Easterby. From 2019 to the middle of the 2022 regular season, Easterby’s influence on the team led to a period that fans found unbearable and embarrassing.

The franchise’s decision to part ways with Easterby during the bye week in 2022 initiated a complete reversal in the perception of the team. This move paved the way for the hiring of DeMeco Ryans as the head coach in January and the subsequent selection of C.J. Stroud in the draft, injecting new energy into the team and its fan base.

A recent interview with franchise icon Andre Johnson, conducted by Will Kunkel of FOX 26, sheds light on the potential catalyst that prompted the McNair ownership to address the issues posed by Jack Easterby. Johnson discusses his relationship with current CEO and owner, Cal McNair, revealing that there were challenging conversations between them regarding Easterby.

Notably, this is not the first time Andre Johnson has criticized Easterby. In January 2021, amidst Deshaun Watson’s trade demand, Johnson took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with Easterby’s impact on the organization. Johnson attributed the team’s struggles and the desire of star player Watson to leave to Easterby’s presence. The recent interview suggests that Johnson may have conveyed his concerns about Easterby directly to Cal McNair, contributing to the eventual removal of the controversial figure.

The relationship between Andre Johnson and the Texans appears to be on positive terms in recent times. The team actively supports Johnson’s Hall of Fame induction, and he is frequently present at games, watching from McNair’s suite. The camaraderie between Johnson and DeMeco Ryans, his former teammate now serving as the head coach, further highlights the improved atmosphere surrounding the Texans.

In retrospect, Johnson’s vocal stance against Easterby in 2021 is seen as a pivotal contribution to addressing the team’s issues. The removal of Easterby has played a crucial role in the Texans’ resurgence, marking a stark contrast to the challenging period endured by fans in the previous seasons.

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