“Pretty good”: Patriots’ Head Coach Bill Belichick sends a classy message to the Bills’ Allen…

Josh Allen’s Evolution: A Future Superstar in the Making, Echoing Shades of Brady’s Legacy.

Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, has expressed admiration for the remarkable progression of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Belichick, closely observing Allen’s journey from a promising yet inconsistent rookie to a Pro Bowl-caliber player, drew parallels between Allen’s development and that of Tom Brady, a three-time MVP and seven-time Super Bowl champion.

In Allen’s inaugural professional season, he completed 52.8 percent of his passes, accumulating 2,074 yards, 10 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions across 12 games. However, it was in his second year that Allen made significant strides, contributing to Buffalo’s playoff run while connecting on 58.8 percent of his attempts for 3,089 yards, 20 touchdowns, and nine interceptions.

The turning point came in his third season, where Allen secured a runner-up spot in MVP voting, earned second-team All-Pro honors, and received his first Pro Bowl nod. Belichick noted the resemblance to Tom Brady’s trajectory, specifically highlighting the pivotal moment in 2003 when Brady’s performance reached an elite level, marking a consistent standard for the rest of his illustrious career.

While acknowledging the contrasting beginnings of Brady and Allen in the NFL, with Brady entering as a sixth-round pick and playing just one game as a rookie, Belichick emphasized the transformative impact both quarterbacks experienced at pivotal points in their careers. Brady’s notable ascension in 2003, culminating in a Super Bowl victory and remarkable statistics, drew a comparison to Allen’s recent achievements.

Belichick remarked that quarterbacks, once reaching a certain point in their careers, often sustain a high level of performance, and he sees Allen as having entered this phase. Despite differences in playing style, Belichick affirmed Allen’s prowess, describing him as “pretty good” and acknowledging the unpredictability of a player’s growth pattern in the NFL.


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