Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Amari Cooper shares his verdict as the Browns playoff chances increase to 99%…

After 16 weeks of NFL games, the Cleveland Browns have significantly increased their playoff chances to 99%, as reported by the data team at the New York Times. The Browns, currently holding an 11-5 record, are the sole team in the wild-card race with such a record, surpassing even the top teams in their divisions, including the Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars.

To secure at least a spot in the wild-card round, the Browns need to defeat the New York Jets in their upcoming game on Thursday, which will be broadcast on News 5. Despite facing multiple injuries, including star running back Nick Chubb and starting quarterback Deshaun Watson, along with various offensive line injuries, the Browns have defied expectations.

Their resilience is evident in their unique achievement of having four different quarterbacks start and win a game for them this season, making them the only team in the league with this accomplishment. While the Browns currently hold the fifth seed in the playoffs, they still have the potential to win the AFC North or even secure the top seed. However, the latter scenario would require the Baltimore Ravens to lose their remaining games.

The Miami Dolphins are also contenders for the top seed in the AFC. Despite initial concerns about the impact of injuries on the team’s playoff chances, the Browns’ strong performance and adaptability have positioned them as formidable contenders as they approach the postseason.

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