The Philadelphia Eagles offense makes a pathetic comment as he looks boring and broken…

The Philadelphia Eagles find themselves in a perplexing situation with their offense, which has witnessed a significant decline since Week 11 of the current season. Previously performing at an impressive level, the team has now slipped to average rankings in success rate, expected points added (EPA) per drive, and points per drive. Despite a lack of clear reasons for this downturn, it appears that underlying schematic issues are plaguing the team.

In the initial phase of the 2021 season, under the guidance of head coach Nick Sirianni, who also served as the offensive play caller, the Eagles’ offense was considered satisfactory. However, midseason, the play-calling responsibilities were handed over to offensive coordinator Shane Steichen, resulting in an immediate improvement. Steichen’s adept play-calling, particularly in maximizing quarterback Jalen Hurts’s mobility, contributed to the team’s success in 2022, culminating in an MVP-caliber season for Hurts and a Super Bowl run.

The departure of Steichen, now the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, created a void in the offensive play-calling role. Quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson was promoted to offensive coordinator and play caller, but despite initial success, the offense felt different. It seemed as though the Eagles were attempting to replicate the effective and dangerous offense of the previous year without truly embodying its essence.

The concept of an offensive system is explored to shed light on the Eagles’ struggles. An offensive system is a fusion of scheme (on-field actions) and philosophy (the desired objectives of the offense). The example of the 49ers and Dolphins, operating within the Kyle Shanahan system, illustrates how pre-snap motion is integrated into the scheme to achieve specific philosophical goals, such as simplifying quarterback decisions and maximizing yards after the catch. In contrast, the ineffective use of pre-snap motion in the offense of former Steelers coordinator Matt Canada highlights the importance of intention behind the scheme.

The critical observation is that the Eagles lack a distinct offensive system, which explains the palpable difference in their performance this season. Last year, despite their success, the Eagles operated without a well-defined system, running a limited number of plays from a narrow range of formations. This absence of a cohesive offensive philosophy appears to be catching up with them, manifesting in their recent struggles.

While the team may show improvement against weaker defenses in the final stretch of the regular season, the article suggests that the issues run deeper and will require substantial adjustments to position the Eagles as serious contenders in the NFC. The departure of key personnel, including Steichen, and the absence of a clear offensive system contribute to the challenges faced by the team. As they strive to rediscover their offensive identity, the Eagles must address these fundamental issues to secure a chance at another Super Bowl run.


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