Snooker star dons oven explained why he gloved in Shoot Out victory as he shares spectator taunt…

Snooker sensation Kyren Wilson added a touch of humor to his Snooker Shoot Out second-round triumph over Mostafa Dorgham by wearing an oven glove in response to a spectator’s taunt. Wilson, known for his entertaining antics, delighted both fans and opponent as he sealed the victory with a comical touch.

Even Dorgham shared a laugh at the Englishman’s unconventional move. Following his quirky celebration, Wilson went on to secure a spot in the last 16 with a decisive 101-1 win over David Lilley.

Explaining the inspiration behind the oven glove choice, Wilson revealed in a post-match interview with Eurosport that a persistent heckler in the crowd kept shouting, “don’t forget the roast.” Embracing the lighthearted atmosphere of the event, Wilson borrowed the oven glove from the venue’s kitchen, using it after winning a frame to entertain the crowd.

With a cheerful demeanor, Wilson emphasized the festive and enjoyable nature of the event, expressing his intention to have a good time. He clarified that he wouldn’t have employed such theatrics if the match outcome was in jeopardy.

Wilson’s spontaneous and amusing gesture added a unique flavor to the Snooker Shoot Out, showcasing the lighter side of the sport. Eurosport’s Reanne Evans joined in on the humor, suggesting Wilson might have thought the table got too hot and needed the glove.


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