Houston Texans Head Coach issues worrying updates as he confirms that Texans’ Will Miss Key Veteran On Sunday’s clash…

The Houston Texans have defied expectations this NFL season, holding a 7-5 record in early December and surprising many who anticipated only marginal improvements over their 3-13-1 performance last year. Despite their unexpected success, the competitive nature of the AFC demands continued victories for a shot at the playoffs, a feat they haven’t achieved since the 2019 campaign.

However, their upcoming game against the New York Jets poses challenges as key players, wide receiver Tank Dell and tight end Dalton Schultz, will be unavailable. Dell, instrumental in the Texans’ success, is out for the season, while Schultz, with 40 catches for 455 yards and five touchdowns in 11 games, adds to the team’s absent firepower.

Rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud, a standout story this season, leads the league in passing yards with 3,540 and holds the fifth-best passer rating at 101.2. Stroud’s performance has propelled the Texans to sixth in total yards and second in passing yards. The absence of Schultz and Dell necessitates new strategies for Stroud to secure victories.

Looking ahead, the Texans face a relatively manageable remaining schedule, with upcoming matchups against the Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns, and Indianapolis Colts in the final weeks of the season. Despite challenges, the Texans aim to continue their unexpected success and secure a coveted playoff spot.


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