C.J. Stroud Sends A Fascinating Strong Message About The Texans Future…

In a surprising turn of events, the Houston Texans have emerged as one of the most captivating narratives of the 2023 NFL season, exceeding expectations in what was supposed to be a rebuilding phase. Following a victorious Week 13 clash with the Denver Broncos, the Texans find themselves in the final Wild Card position as they head into Week 14.

At the heart of their success is the standout performance of rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud, who has not only claimed the title of the top rookie but has also positioned himself among the league’s elite quarterbacks. Stroud’s exceptional pocket presence and precision with his throws have allowed him to connect with open receivers across the field.

Adding to the Texans’ offensive prowess was the impressive rookie season of Stroud’s running mate, Tank Dell. Unfortunately, Dell’s season was cut short due to a fractured fibula suffered against the Broncos. Despite this setback, Stroud expressed optimism about their future partnership, stating that “7 and 3 will be a great duo for the next couple of years.”

The synergy between Stroud and Dell quickly propelled the Texans’ offense to new heights. While Dell may not fit the traditional mold of a number-one receiver, his ability to find openings on the field and reliable hands have made a significant impact. Dell even broke the franchise record for receiving touchdowns by a rookie, a feat that would have likely continued had he not been sidelined.

Although Stroud acknowledges the absence of Dell on the field, he has demonstrated resilience in making plays when faced with challenges. As the Texans forge ahead, Stroud remains a pivotal force, sending a strong message about the promising future that lies ahead for the team.

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