“You are the QB who did not know”plays”—David Carr’s former teammate Vonta Leach slams him for nasty suggestions…

Former Houston Texans teammate Vonta Leach has criticized David Carr, an NFL Network analyst, for suggesting that the Philadelphia Eagles should bench their quarterback, Jalen Hurts, in favor of Marcus Mariota. Carr’s recommendation, made on Tuesday, stirred controversy as he argued that Hurts, dealing with a knee injury throughout the season, could benefit from additional rest to become a true dual threat in the playoffs.

Hurts, who has been managing a lingering knee issue, left Sunday’s game briefly for a concussion check but returned to finish a 42-19 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. During NFL Total Access on Tuesday, Carr questioned Hurts’ ability to read a defense in drop-back passing situations, suggesting that the Eagles should consider playing Mariota until Hurts is fully healthy.

Carr expressed concerns about Hurts’ comfort level in reading defenses during drop-back passes and raised the possibility of a “serious conversation” within the Eagles organization about starting Mariota in the interim. He emphasized the importance of having a fully healthy Hurts for the team’s playoff aspirations.

In response, Vonta Leach, a former Texans All-Pro fullback who played alongside Carr for five seasons, including Carr’s final year with the Texans, commented on Carr’s remarks. Leach reminded Carr of his own shortcomings, stating, “Hey Carr, you are the QB who did not know plays when I played for Houston Texans. Short memory huh!!!!”

Following the criticism, Carr clarified his comments on Wednesday, acknowledging Hurts as one of the best players in the league. He emphasized that the Eagles need Hurts to be in optimal health for a chance at winning a Super Bowl. Carr’s clarification reflects an understanding of the significance of Hurts to the team despite the initial suggestion of benching him in favor of Mariota.

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