NFL Expert explained Why It’s ‘Absolutely Valid’ to Consider C.J. Stroud as Legit MVP Candidate …

The question of whether Houston rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud should be considered a candidate for the NFL MVP race is gaining traction, and for valid reasons. In a league where the MVP race is wide open, Stroud’s performance stands out, challenging historical norms.

While history suggests that rookies are not typically MVP candidates, Stroud’s impact is noteworthy. He leads in passing yards, ranks fifth in passer rating (101.2) among quarterbacks with four or more starts, and has revitalized a franchise that won as many games this season (7) as in the past two years combined.

Former league executive Joe Banner, speaking on the “Eye Test for Two” podcast, acknowledges that it may be too early to determine Stroud’s MVP candidacy definitively. Still, he contends that Stroud deserves to be part of the conversation, especially if the Texans can make significant strides, possibly by winning their division. The question itself is remarkable, as it involves considering a rookie quarterback in a passing-centric league with increasingly complex defenses.

Banner emphasizes the challenges rookie quarterbacks face, particularly in learning not only their own offense but also understanding opposing defenses and the strategies employed by smart defensive coordinators. Stroud’s ability to navigate these challenges and master his offense within a limited number of games is indeed remarkable. Moreover, he demonstrates a level of awareness and understanding of opposing defenses uncommon for a rookie.

While recognizing the historical rarity of rookie quarterbacks winning the MVP award, the article suggests that Stroud’s case is unique. Quarterbacks have traditionally dominated the MVP award, winning 15 of the past 16 years. The competition for this season’s MVP is notably unpredictable, with leaders changing weekly based on recent performances. Stroud’s inclusion is justified, not just because he is a quarterback but also due to his outstanding performance and impact on the Texans.

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The unpredictability of the MVP race is highlighted, with contenders varying from week to week. While established quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, Brock Purdy, and Jalen Hurts are frequently mentioned, Stroud’s candidacy adds an intriguing dimension to the discussion.

The author emphasizes the significance of considering a rookie quarterback, drawing a parallel with the unexpected consideration of a wide receiver like Tyreek Hill for the MVP award.

Stroud’s impressive play, mental processing, accuracy, and leadership are highlighted as key factors contributing to his standout performance. Despite his rookie status, Stroud’s level of play is described as spectacular, with comparisons to established quarterbacks who have been in the league for much longer. The article concludes by noting that Stroud is playing at an “unbelievable level,” a feat rarely seen from a rookie quarterback, possibly ever or at least in a very long time.

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