Deshaun Watson’s Sideline Absence: Browns’ Prudent Medical Decision Amidst Criticism…

The Cleveland Browns faced scrutiny when their injured starting quarterback, Deshaun Watson, was observed in a suite during a recent game rather than on the sideline with his teammates. Fans questioned this decision, especially given Watson’s active presence on the Bengals’ sideline during their previous game. However, the Browns are clarifying that Watson’s absence from the sideline was based on medical advice.

A spokesperson for the Browns conveyed to’s Mary Kay Cabot that the medical staff intentionally kept Watson off the sideline to minimize the risk of a collision that could impede his recovery from shoulder surgery. The concern was to avoid any setbacks in his healing process. It’s worth noting that all injured players on the team who attended the game were situated in the same suite as Watson.

Additionally, the Browns explained that Watson’s decision to stay in Los Angeles for his rehabilitation after surgery, instead of returning to Cleveland, was also a medical choice. Doctors advised against frequent travel between the two locations due to the potential risk of swelling during flights.

The NFL occasionally witnesses incidents on the sideline, such as serious injuries or skirmishes. The Browns’ precautionary measure to keep fewer players on the sideline aims to reduce these risks. Despite criticism regarding Watson’s absence from the sideline, the Browns assert that he followed medical guidance and was where the team asked him to be. Despite the disappointment surrounding Watson’s performance considering the trade and salary, the criticism specifically regarding his sideline presence appears unjustified.


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