Bulls Coach confirms worrying setback 28-year-old Bulls’ trade piece is reportedly ruled out of the squad for weeks…

Chicago Bulls supporters were dealt a blow as the team confirmed that All-Star guard Zach LaVine would be sidelined for an additional three to four weeks due to foot inflammation.

This announcement followed the Bulls’ narrow 111-110 victory over the Charlotte Hornets, a game where LaVine was conspicuously absent. His absence also extended to the two previous matchups against the New Orleans Pelicans and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Initially, on December 1, the Bulls had conveyed that LaVine would only miss a week due to what was described as foot soreness. However, the situation has proven more severe than expected, with the issue emerging on November 22 during the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

LaVine’s struggles were highlighted on November 28 in a lopsided loss to the Boston Celtics, where he left the game after only 25 minutes, managing a mere two points on a 1-for-9 shooting night.

LaVine’s current season deviates from his usual stellar performance, marking his worst shooting and scoring season in six years. Across 18 games, he averages 21 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 3.4 assists, with shooting percentages of 44.3% from the field and 33.6% from beyond the arc.

Notably, his 3-point shooting is on track to be a career low for a full season, and his scoring average and field-goal percentage are the lowest since the 2017-18 season when he averaged 16.7 points and shot 38.3% from the field.

LaVine’s subpar performance aligns with the broader struggles of the Chicago Bulls, currently grappling with an 8-14 start to the season. Despite a recent three-game win streak briefly propelling them past the Hornets, the Bulls find themselves in 12th place in the Eastern Conference.

The challenges for the Bulls extend beyond the court, with a tumultuous season initiated by a players-only meeting after a disheartening 20-point loss to the Thunder on opening night. Players reportedly requested head coach Billy Donovan to step away, underscoring the internal challenges facing the team.

As Chicago manages LaVine’s extended absence, fans anxiously await his return, hoping for both a resurgence in his individual performance and an upturn in the team’s overall fortunes.

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