Josh Dobbs makes his stance clear as he plans on bouncing back from Chicago disaster…

Despite a challenging performance in the previous game, Josh Dobbs is determined to seize the upcoming opportunity as the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in their Sunday matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders. Dobbs, who has faced challenges with turnovers since his trade to Minnesota, acknowledged the need to bounce back from his recent on-field struggles.

Following a conversation with head coach Kevin O’Connell, where details were kept confidential, Dobbs expressed his commitment to making the most of this opportunity. He emphasized the importance of open communication and his excitement for another chance to compete and contribute to the team’s success on Sunday.

Turnovers have plagued the Vikings throughout the season, with 24 turnovers (14 fumbles and 10 interceptions) tying them with Cleveland for the most in the NFL. Dobbs recognizes the impact of mistakes and is aware that failure to eliminate them could jeopardize his position in the game. The possibility of a short leash, with veteran backup Nick Mullens ready on the sidelines, adds pressure.

O’Connell had contemplated benching Dobbs for Mullens after the Week 12 loss to the Bears, highlighting the significance of addressing the turnover issue. Dobbs, during the bye week, engaged in one-on-one meetings with O’Connell to review film and enhance his understanding of the playbook. While Dobbs anticipates some tweaks, he emphasizes the importance of sticking to what the team is good at, protecting the football, and executing routine plays.

Dobbs’ season-long struggles, including his time with the Arizona Cardinals before joining the Vikings, reveal a total of 10 interceptions and seven lost fumbles in 12 games. The return of star receiver Justin Jefferson, who has recovered from a hamstring injury, is expected to boost the team’s offensive capabilities.

Dobbs acknowledges Jefferson’s efficiency and dynamic playmaking abilities but stresses the need for him to focus on his own process and trust the overall game plan. Despite the presence of Jefferson, Dobbs recognizes the importance of playing clean and efficient football, avoiding forced plays and ensuring the team’s success.

The upcoming game against the Raiders will be a test for Dobbs to demonstrate his ability to take care of the ball and lead the Vikings to victory. The return of Jefferson adds an extra dimension to the team, and Dobbs aims to synchronize with the receiving corps to maximize their effectiveness on the field.

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