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Los Angeles Rams’ third-year defensive tackle, Bobby Brown III, stands out among rookies, as he is older than several of them. The 23-year-old, despite being part of the Class of 2021, ranks as the seventh-youngest player on the active roster. Brown humorously mentions how he enjoys teasing the rookies about their rookie duties.

Reflecting on his journey since donning rookie cleats, Brown shares advice he would give his 20-year-old self as he entered the NFL. His guidance emphasizes the importance of not being too hard on oneself, understanding that football is a game meant for enjoyment. He encourages learning both on and off the field, embracing professionalism, and showing respect for the game.

Brown’s NFL journey includes a redshirt year, a World Championship in his first season with the Rams, a suspension in 2022, and his 2023 season disrupted by a knee injury, placing him on injured reserve. Despite these challenges, the Rams have entrusted Brown with a significant number of snaps, particularly in the crucial nose guard position, making him the sole 300-plus pound defensive lineman on the roster.

In a recent game against the Cleveland Browns, Brown showcased his skills by resetting the line of scrimmage effectively, contributing to a six-yard tackle for loss. As the Rams gear up for a Week 14 showdown against the Baltimore Ravens, known for their highly efficient running offense and Super Bowl aspirations, Brown remains a key player on the defensive front.

Listeners can explore more insights from Bobby Brown III on various topics, including Aggies football, fatherhood, and Steve Urkel, in the latest episode of Rams Revealed. The show is accessible on YouTube and various podcast platforms each week.

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