Preston North End boss Ryan Lowe heaps praise on the 28-year-old star as drops his ‘verdict’ Over Dykes’ Red Card Incident…

In the aftermath of Preston North End’s defeat to Queens Park Rangers, manager Ryan Lowe expressed frustration over what he believed to be a missed opportunity to issue a red card to QPR striker Lyndon Dykes. During an aerial duel, Dykes’ arm made contact with PNE defender Andrew Hughes, resulting in a yellow card being shown. However, Sky Sports pundits deemed the challenge as ‘dangerous,’ suggesting that a red card could have been warranted.

Despite the contentious incident, Dykes remained on the field, and QPR secured a 2-0 victory with both goals coming in the second half. Post-match, Lowe addressed the Dykes situation, asserting that it should have been a straightforward decision for the referee. He compared it to a previous match against Cardiff City, where PNE felt aggrieved that Jamilu Collins stayed on the pitch after headbutting Ched Evans. Lowe revealed that a panel had communicated to Preston that they were unfairly treated in that instance and anticipated a similar verdict regarding Dykes.

Lowe emphasized that while he didn’t want to see any player sent off, Dykes’ history of causing injuries in previous encounters raised concerns. He mentioned an incident from the previous year when Dykes reportedly gave Liam Lindsay six stitches in the back of the head.

Lowe claimed that Dykes had also caused injury to Andrew Hughes during the recent match. Despite Lowe’s frustration with the referee’s decision, he acknowledged that Preston had not performed at their best and were far from the required levels during the game.

“He’s a good player and I don’t really want to see anyone sent off, but I think last year he gave Liam Lindsay six stitches in the back of the head,” said Lowe. “He’s given Andrew Hughes a bloody nose and lip. I’ve got the chance to see it on the side, straight away – and the referee hasn’t. I am not looking for excuses, we were nowhere near the levels and lost.

“But, if you are going to do it, it needs to be done properly. It’s a sending off, when you see it. We have just had a five to nil on the board they have nowadays, to say it was a red card on Ched the other day. They will probably review this one and say the same thing, but I am not holding on to anything because we were nowhere near the levels. But, sometimes those moments help you.”

In reflecting on the controversial decisions, Lowe suggested that proper officiating was crucial and anticipated that a review might yield a similar outcome as in the Ched Evans case. Despite the disappointment, Lowe acknowledged that such moments could sometimes influence the course of a match.



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