Miami Heat can help Chicago Bulls land the 23-year-old in 3-team blockbuster trade scenario…

Zion Williamson could see himself on the Chicago Bulls if the Miami Heat get involved and land Zach LaVine.

The NBA trade market is rife with speculation about players that the Chicago Bulls could trade away, but what about them pivoting to another superstar in the NBA, one that may want to play for them? With Zach LaVine reportedly available on the trade market, the Bulls could try and flip LaVine for a future cornerstone, one who is on the New Orleans Pelicans.

With Zion Williamson’s recent video discussing a possible future with the Bulls, it’d be interesting to look at possible ways for that to happen via trade in today’s NBA. It’s not easy to find a deal that could work for everyone, but the Miami Heat could swoop in and land Zach LaVine to make this deal a reality.

Trade Details:

New Orleans Pelicans Receive: Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, Nikola Jovic, 2026 First-Round Pick (CHI), 2027 First-Round Pick (MIA), 2028 First-Round Pick (CHI)

Chicago Bulls: Zion Williamson, Kira Lewis Jr.

With Zion looking healthy and delivering on the court, this may be the perfect time for a previously disgruntled Pelicans front office to move on from him, with a haul of draft assets and valuable young players. The Heat adds a bonafide scorer along with a versatile big man, while the Bulls get their first star since Jimmy Butler.

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