Forest boss Steve Cooper expressed deep frustration over the disappointing 0-1 defeat and sent a brutal message ahead of Fulham’s clash…

Head coach Steve Cooper has opened up about his ongoing communication with Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis following the team’s recent struggles. Despite three consecutive defeats and a string of just one win in 10 games, Cooper remains committed to turning around the Reds’ poor form as they prepare to face Fulham.

Cooper revealed that he has been in regular contact with Marinakis since the defeat to Everton on Saturday, emphasizing that their discussions have focused on team matters, the last game, and the upcoming fixture. He clarified that these conversations have been within the usual scope of communication and highlighted the shared goal of improving the team’s performance and results.

With increasing pressure on Cooper due to the team’s disappointing run, he acknowledged the need for better results while reaffirming his dedication to the task at hand. Despite the challenges, he stressed the unity within the club, with everyone involved striving for the common objective of achieving better outcomes.

Cooper acknowledged the backing he currently receives from Marinakis but admitted there’s an understanding that results must improve. This isn’t the first time Cooper has faced speculation about his position, as similar questions arose last season. Drawing from past experiences, he expressed his readiness to handle the situation, emphasizing a focus on elements within his control, such as day-to-day work with the players.

Reflecting on the club’s past struggles and successful recoveries, Cooper noted that the current situation isn’t entirely unfamiliar. Last season presented similar challenges, and the team overcame them, providing a valuable reference point for the coaching staff and players. Cooper emphasized the importance of learning from past experiences and maintaining a consistent approach to navigate challenging periods.

Addressing the inevitability of facing difficult times in football, Cooper admitted that they had anticipated challenging periods and had contemplated how to navigate them. He stressed the need for visibility and leadership during tough times, emphasizing that managing the club during adverse situations is crucial to revealing true character and determination.

Steve Cooper reveals Evangelos Marinakis talks as Nottingham Forest  pressure addressed - Nottinghamshire Live

Cooper’s perspective is grounded in the understanding that managing a football club involves both highs and lows. While success brings recognition, it’s during challenging moments that a manager’s true worth is demonstrated. He expressed the significance of demonstrating resilience and determination, emphasizing that weathering difficult times is an integral part of the managerial role.

As Nottingham Forest prepares to face Fulham, Cooper remains steadfast in his commitment to steering the team back to a positive trajectory. His focus on learning from past experiences and staying visible during challenging times underscores his dedication to the club’s success, regardless of the current difficulties they face.

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