Why controversial ‘tush push’ could be banned from NFL next season ..

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly aims to eliminate the “tush push” play from the league in the upcoming season, as disclosed by a source to The Athletic’s Dianna Russini. This strategic move, often executed by the Philadelphia Eagles and labeled “The Brotherly Shove,” has proven highly effective for the team, especially in critical situations like fourth-and-1 plays.

The mechanics of the play involve quarterback Jalen Hurts positioning himself behind All-Pro center Jason Kelce, with two players in tow. Upon snapping the ball, Hurts falls forward while the accompanying players forcefully push him beyond the required distance for a first down or even a touchdown when deployed on the goal line.

The potential ban raises concerns for the Eagles, particularly since three members of the competition committee hail from NFC East rivals: John Mara of the New York Giants, Stephen Jones, COO of the Dallas Cowboys, and Ron Rivera, head coach of the Washington Commanders.

However, there is a glimmer of hope for Eagles fans, given that Stephen Jones might not necessarily oppose the play. His father, Jerry Jones, expressed admiration for the “tush push” earlier in the season.

The success of the Eagles with this play seemed to irk the Buffalo Bills during their recent encounter, resulting in a penalty on Bills’ defensive tackle Jordan Phillips for jumping offside during a first-quarter execution. Despite the penalty, Eagles center Jason Kelce voiced his dissatisfaction, claiming that Phillips should have faced a more severe penalty. Kelce argued that the play was unfair, alleging that Phillips deliberately aimed to harm Cam Jurgens and called for a personal foul and fine for the incident.

As discussions about the potential ban unfold, the controversy surrounding the “tush push” adds a layer of intrigue to the NFL landscape, with implications for the Eagles’ offensive strategy and the league’s overall approach to innovative plays.

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