“We must respond”: Hull City Captain Lewie Coyle sends a six-word message as he expressed huge disappointment after a 2-1 home defeat…

Lewie Coyle: “We’ll have a look at it.”

Hull City’s captain, Lewie Coyle, emphasizes the urgency for the team to rebound swiftly following their disappointing 2-1 home defeat against Watford. Coyle asserts that the defeat, only the second in the league this season at home, demands a quick response as they gear up for their upcoming clash with QPR in West London next Saturday.

The defeat was marked by a spectacular long-range goal that left goalkeeper Ryan Allsop somewhat embarrassed. Despite Scott Twine quickly equalizing after Watford took the lead, a missed penalty by Jaden Philogene and a subsequent goal by Wesley Hoedt secured Watford’s victory. The unique goal involved Hoedt stealing the ball from Liam Delap inside City’s half and capitalizing on Allsop being out of position—a tactic seemingly honed on the training ground.

Reflecting on the match, Coyle, who played at left-back, acknowledges the brilliance of the goal but emphasizes that there were aspects leading up to it that could have been prevented. He underscores the team’s focus on meticulous details, high standards, and the importance of addressing small elements that contribute to larger outcomes in terms of goals and overall performance.

Coyle, expressing disappointment and frustration, acknowledges the need for collective reflection on the match. He suggests that the team will analyze the game, learn from their mistakes, and swiftly regroup for the upcoming fixture. Despite witnessing the remarkable winning goal unfold in the closing stages, Coyle reveals that the immediate atmosphere in the dressing room is one of dissatisfaction, deeming the match one they shouldn’t have even drawn, let alone lost. The captain’s commitment to learning from the defeat and rallying the team for the next challenge underscores the resilient spirit within the Hull City camp.

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