Ronnie O’Sullivan makes honest admission as he’s thanked by UK Championship ref after classy move in Ding Junhui final…

In the UK Championship final against Ding Junhui, Ronnie O’Sullivan displayed a remarkable act of sportsmanship that earned him gratitude from the snooker referee, Rob Spencer. Despite leading 4-1 at the time, O’Sullivan, aged 47, voluntarily called attention to a foul he committed that had initially gone unnoticed by the official. The incident occurred in the sixth frame when O’Sullivan, trailing 21-19, had an opportunity to expand his lead within the confines of the Barbican in York.

Faced with a challenging shot on a red to the bottom corner, O’Sullivan utilized unusual equipment, employing the spider atop the regular rest to navigate the white ball around a pack of reds. However, as he deliberated and aimed his cue, he unintentionally brushed a red with it, resulting in a foul and four points awarded to Ding Junhui. Although the referee, Spencer, did not catch the infringement, O’Sullivan promptly withdrew his cue and informed the official of the contact with the red ball.

In response to O’Sullivan’s honesty, Spencer expressed his gratitude with a simple “thank you, Ronnie,” eliciting applause from the Barbican crowd, who acknowledged the Rocket’s integrity with a standing ovation. Commentator Phillip Studd noted the foul and the subsequent applause, highlighting the unusual occurrence in professional snooker.

Following the foul, Ding Junhui, having been granted four points due to O’Sullivan’s admission, showcased his skill by successfully potting the challenging red that had posed a dilemma for his opponent. This moment unfolded with Ding trailing by three frames, facing the daunting possibility of the match slipping away in favor of O’Sullivan, a seven-time winner of the tournament. The episode not only showcased O’Sullivan’s class and fair play but also highlighted the competitive spirit and skill of both players in the high-stakes UK Championship final.

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