Russell Martin sends a six-word message as he responds to ‘criticism’ from Cardiff City’s fans after Saints’ stretched their unbeaten run…

Russell Martin : “I had my time at the end.”

Russell Martin relished the opportunity to retaliate against Cardiff fans as Southampton extended their unbeaten streak to 11 matches. The Saints’ manager endured a barrage of abusive comments from the visiting supporters throughout the game. However, following the match, Martin celebrated with Southampton fans, making a statement to Cardiff supporters by displaying four fingers—a reference to the consecutive season doubles he achieved against them while managing Swansea.

Reflecting on the moment, Martin expressed satisfaction, saying, “I had my time at the end. They had theirs over the 90 minutes, so I enjoyed mine for 10 seconds at the end. If you want to hammer me for 90 minutes, then I’m allowed maybe 10 seconds at the end.”

Southampton quickly secured a two-goal advantage within the first 15 minutes, courtesy of Adam Armstrong’s brace, and maintained control throughout the game. Armstrong’s first goal showcased his skill with a brilliant curl into the top corner, while his second, marking his 12th of the season, came from a header after a well-executed play by Stuart Armstrong.

Speaking about his top scorer, Martin praised Armstrong, emphasizing both his quality and attitude. He commended Armstrong’s intensity, work ethic, and commitment to the team, considering the goals as valuable additions.

Despite Southampton’s dominance, they missed several opportunities in the second half, with substitute Ryan Fraser unable to capitalize on six shots. Martin expressed overall satisfaction with the team’s performance but noted the frustration of not converting more chances. He particularly praised the players for their incredible second-half display.

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Cardiff manager Erol Bulut lamented his team’s slow start in the match but looks forward to the January transfer window to strengthen the squad for competing with the Championship’s top teams. Bulut identified the initial 20 minutes as a setback, acknowledging that they woke up late, finding themselves 2-0 down. He believed that a goal in the first half, particularly with Karlan Grant, could have altered the dynamics of the game.

Expressing optimism about the team’s progress, Bulut emphasized the need for quality additions in January to bridge the gap with top-tier teams. He acknowledged the influence of playing against relegated Premier League teams, highlighting the small details that differentiate them. Bulut concluded by expressing the team’s commitment to hard work and aspirations to elevate their performance in the upcoming months.

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