The San Jose Sharks had a very special guest in the Boston crowd …

The San Jose Sharks find themselves in a challenging position in the NHL, currently ranking as one of the worst teams with a 5-16-2 record, placing them at the bottom of the league. Their recent matchup against the Boston Bruins on the East Coast resulted in a predictable 3-0 loss, underscoring the Sharks’ struggles and the Bruins’ dominance, boasting a 15-4-3 record and leading the Atlantic Division.

Despite the Sharks’ tough season, their number one prospect, Will Smith, brought a unique presence to the Boston crowd as he attends Boston College, making the game easily accessible. San Jose selected Smith as their fourth overall pick in the 2023 NHL Draft, recognizing his exceptional skills and potential to become a significant force in the NHL.

The Sharks are currently navigating the challenging phase of their rebuilding process, having missed out on the Draft Lottery and subsequently securing Smith as the fourth pick. However, Smith’s talent positions him as a promising player to spearhead the new era for the Sharks, replacing the era of notable players like Brent Burns, Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, and Joe Pavelski.

Smith, currently part of the best line in college hockey alongside Gabe Perreault and Ryan Leonard, has been instrumental in dominating games for Boston College. The trio’s impressive performance places BC as a strong contender for the Frozen Four at the end of the season.

While Smith witnessed the Sharks facing a daunting challenge against the Bruins, he remains a pivotal figure expected to contribute significantly to the team’s improvement. His potential impact is evident, and he would have been a standout player had he participated in the game against the Bruins.

The timeline for Smith’s transition to the NHL remains uncertain, with the possibility of him joining the league next year or opting for another year at Boston College. Regardless of his decision, the prospect of watching Smith play promises excitement.

Looking ahead, the Sharks are set to be contenders in the lottery this season. The addition of players like Macklin Celebrini or Cole Eiserman, who are potential candidates from Boston University, would complement Will Smith in the Sharks’ system. The team’s journey continues as they face the New Jersey Devils on Friday night.

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