Montreal Canadiens explained why They are Exploring Options To Help Josh Anderson Find His Game…

Montreal Canadiens: Exploring An Option To Help Josh Anderson Find His Game…

The Montreal Canadiens are contemplating a strategic shift for winger Josh Anderson, considering a potential demotion to the fourth line alongside Michael Pezzetta and Jake Evans. This proposed move is prompted by Anderson’s current struggles on the ice, a departure from his usual robust playing style.

Traditionally recognized as a gritty player who gets the job done, Anderson has displayed an unexpected softness this season, lacking the physicality that has defined his game, despite his imposing size of 6’3″ and 220 lbs. His performance decline is evident in the statistics, with each line he joins experiencing a dip in effectiveness. This slump is particularly perplexing given his reputation for utilizing his size advantage to make impactful plays.

Various attempts have been made to reignite Anderson’s spark, but all have proven futile. The suggestion of moving him down the lineup can be viewed as a last-resort effort to rejuvenate his game. While this might seem like a demotion, it could also provide an opportunity for Anderson to rediscover his comfort zone and accelerate his play.

The proposal involves pairing Anderson with Pezzetta on the fourth line, envisioning them as a formidable duo capable of wreaking havoc on opponents. Both players possess speed, with Anderson’s effectiveness historically tied to his ability to utilize his size and speed to intimidate opponents. The idea is that, by forming a dynamic duo with Pezzetta, Anderson could potentially return to his best form.

Offensively, the suggested fourth line boasts a combination of speed, aggression, and puck skills, creating a challenging scenario for the Canadiens’ opponents. Evans brings additional speed and elusive shot capabilities, complementing the physical presence of Anderson and Pezzetta. The trio could prove to be a nightmare for opponents during transitions and a persistent threat in front of the net.

Despite Anderson’s current struggles, it’s emphasized that he is not waiver-eligible, making a strategic lineup adjustment a more viable option than other drastic measures. The hope is that by revisiting the basics of Anderson’s game, such as rushing the puck through the neutral zone and contributing to the forecheck and backcheck with physicality, he can regain his confidence and effectiveness.

A revitalized Anderson would significantly impact the Canadiens’ overall performance, making them a more formidable and challenging team for opponents. Although not without imperfections, Anderson possesses a unique combination of size and speed, lacking in most other players on the Canadiens roster. The potential demotion is seen as a means to unclog the offensive drain, allowing Anderson to rediscover his scoring prowess, as evidenced by his impressive track record of nearly guaranteed 20 goals in most seasons.

In essence, the proposed lineup adjustment for Anderson is portrayed as a necessary step to address his current lack of confidence and looseness on the ice. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the Canadiens are hopeful that by revisiting the basics and playing to Anderson’s strengths, they can unleash the powerhouse that has been dormant for too long.

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