“I’ve had enough”: Roy Keane sends a six-word message to Snooker Legend Ronnie O’Sullivan as he shares a ‘stunning’ insights on how to battle your demons…

In a recent candid conversation with snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan on the Stick to Football podcast, former footballer Roy Keane opened up about the challenging but necessary process of quitting alcohol. The discussion, which spanned topics from sports to mental health, delved into O’Sullivan’s own struggles with alcohol, prompting Ian Wright to inquire about the turning point that led Keane to quit.

Keane acknowledged that there might not be a specific day for everyone to decide to stop drinking. Instead, he described reaching a stage where the enjoyment diminishes or a tipping point is reached. He emphasized that individuals may reach a point of realization, possibly hitting “rock bottom,” where the negative impact on oneself or those around becomes apparent. This could lead to a moment of saying, “I’ve had enough of it.”

The former footballer suggested that one must go easy on oneself when grappling with regrets, highlighting the importance of experiencing those low points. Keane, known for his straightforward demeanor, expressed the belief that hitting rock bottom is crucial in recognizing that a particular lifestyle is no longer suitable. He emphasized the need to stop when the enjoyment fades, signaling that it’s time for a change.

In response to Keane’s insights, O’Sullivan succinctly added, “Throw the towel in,” capturing the essence of conceding defeat to unhealthy habits. Keane, who has previously discussed his decision to quit drinking, provided a raw and candid perspective in this interview with O’Sullivan.

The two sporting figures shared valuable insights on confronting personal demons and making the challenging but essential decision to break free from destructive habits.

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