Head Coach explained How Joe Brady has made things simpler for Bills QB Josh Allen…

In his sixth season analyzing Buffalo Bills quarterbacks for The Buffalo News, Jim Kubiak, a seasoned figure in football with an extensive background as a player, coach, and executive, employs a comprehensive “Doing Your Job” grading system.

This system assesses quarterbacks’ performances on each play, rewarding adherence to responsibilities with a plus and penalizing deviations with a minus. Extraordinary plays can earn a plus-plus, while detrimental ones receive a minus-minus.

During the assessed game, quarterback Josh Allen exhibited a remarkable overall performance grade of 99%. Overcoming various challenges, including adverse weather conditions, the formidable Eagles’ defense, a skewed penalty ratio, missed field goals, a dropped touchdown pass, and recurring end-of-game management issues, Allen displayed brilliance and resilience.

Allen’s statistics were impressive: completing 29 of 51 attempts for 339 yards, throwing two touchdowns, and rushing for 81 yards with two scores. This outstanding performance was pivotal in a crucial “must-win” game for a team that had underperformed throughout the season.

Throughout the game, Allen demonstrated exceptional adaptability, extending drives both through aerial plays and with his legs.

Under the interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady’s guidance, the Bills’ offense executed 92 plays, accumulating 505 yards of total offense through a balanced mix of running and passing.

Breaking down the game by quarters, the first quarter saw the Bills facing an early deficit of 7-0. Despite a three-and-out opening possession, Allen and the offense gained momentum, with Brady’s strategic play design creating opportunities for big plays.

However, a missed opportunity due to a dropped pass and subsequent penalties disrupted the flow, forcing the Bills to punt.

Moving into the second quarter, Allen showcased his prowess, leading the Bills to a 17-7 advantage. A notable play was a third-and-10 scramble where Allen used his legs to secure a crucial first down, extending the drive and setting the stage for a 48-yard field goal.

Overall, Allen’s exceptional performance, coupled with strategic play-calling by Brady, contributed to the Bills’ success in this game. The quarterback’s ability to navigate challenges and deliver under pressure showcased his growth and skill on the field.

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