Insider shares worrying concern over the future of Bills HC, Sean McDermott with their playoff hopes hanging…

‘This is getting to be a habit’  Can Bills turn season around…

Speaking on Inside the Huddle, Jeff Reinebold says there are growing calls in Buffalo to replace Bills head coach, Sean McDermott with their playoff hopes hanging in the balance.

Bills OC reveals ‘Who’s at fault’ for Josh Allen & Gabe Davis’ OT mistake…

The Buffalo Bills had several opportunities to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 12, which makes their 37-34 overtime loss even more frustrating.

Putting the multiple questionable calls from Shawn Hochuli’s officiating crew aside, Bills quarterback Josh Allen nearly connected with wide receiver Gabe Davis for what could’ve been the game-winning touchdown. However, Davis ran in the opposite direction of Allen’s throw and the Bills settled for a field goal.

Did Allen throw a bad pass? Or did Davis run the wrong route? Both players blamed the mistake as a simple “miscommunication” after the game. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, November 28, Bills interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady addressed “who’s at fault.”

“At the end of the day, if there’s a miscommunication, that falls on me as offensive coordinator,” Brady said. “There’s nothing easy about it from a Josh Allen standpoint of it’s a blitz zero situation, which we knew we’d get. Where there’s a lot of guys coming at you and you’re gonna have to drift and make a decision on the fly.

“We didn’t connect on it. Gabe’s not at fault. Josh isn’t at fault. Like as the offensive coordinator, I gotta point the thumb at myself. What can I do to put them in a better position to have success the next time we get that opportunity and we can have a walk-off there.

“That’s basically what it comes down to right now. Internal conversations about us figuring that out.”

Overall, the offense looks more explosive since Brady took over as offensive coordinator after Ken Dorsey two weeks ago. Against the Eagles, the Bills recorded 505 yards on 92 offensive plays and completed 13 third-down attempts.

While the numbers don’t lie, “We didn’t win the football game. Our job is not to ‘out-gain’ the opposing team. Our job is to outscore them,” Brady said.



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