Head coach Matt LaFleur confirms huge boost as the Packers introduce two talented stars to their active Roster ahead of week 14 clash…

In a swift turn of events, running back James Robinson and wide receiver Bo Melton have navigated a tumultuous journey from the practice squad to the active roster, only to be released and subsequently re-signed to the Green Bay Packers’ practice squad within a week.

ESPN’s Rob Demovsky reported their return to Packers practice on Wednesday, confirming their re-signing with the practice squad. The duo had been elevated to the team’s 53-man roster the previous week to address the team’s needs for the short-week clash against the Detroit Lions. However, they were released and subjected to waivers on Monday.

Although Robinson did not participate in the game against the Lions, Melton saw action on both offense and special teams. Melton, a consistent presence on the Packers’ practice squad throughout the regular season, had a brief stint on the active roster. In contrast, Robinson’s status with the team has been more fluid, with multiple instances of being on and off the roster this year.

In addition to the re-signing of Robinson and Melton, the Packers made further adjustments to their practice squad this week. Tight end Joel Wilson was signed, while cornerback Anthony Johnson was released. It’s worth noting that this Anthony Johnson should not be confused with rookie safety Anthony Johnson Jr. With these transactions, the Packers have reconstituted a full 17-man practice squad.

However, two roster spots remain open on their 53-man active roster, presumably earmarked for the return of safety Darnell Savage and cornerback Eric Stokes from the injured reserve. Both defensive backs are actively participating in practice, having entered their 21-day window for a return to the squad.

The Packers’ practice squad for Week 13 comprises quarterback Alex McGough, running backs James Robinson and Ellis Merriweather, fullback Henry Pearson, wide receivers Bo Melton and Grant DuBose, tight end Joel Wilson, offensive tackle Kadeem Telford, offensive guard/center Michael Jordan, nose tackle Jonathan Ford, defensive end Chris Slayton, outside linebackers Keshawn Banks and Kenneth Odumegwu (international exemption), inside linebacker Arron Mosby, cornerback Zyon Gilbert, and safety Benny Sapp III. Notably, Pearson, Melton, and Sapp have seen regular-season action for the Packers this season, while DuBose and Ford are former draft picks by the franchise who haven’t played during the regular season.

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