Texans Head Coach DeMeco Ryans outlines three fascinating points as he makes his stance clear amid the reunion rumors with the 34-year-old star.

Speculation regarding the potential return of J.J. Watt to the Houston Texans has gained momentum, surprising many who anticipated different focal points for the team’s 2023 season. The primary narratives were expected to revolve around the swift progress of quarterback C.J. Stroud, the impact of Will Anderson following his trade, and the coaching prowess of DeMeco Ryans. However, recent snippets from “The Pat McAfee Show,” including one from last Wednesday, have injected the notion of Watt donning a Texans uniform once again.

While the prospect remains subtle, none of Watt’s statements in these clips definitively refute the possibility of a return. This ambiguity fuels optimism among Texans fans eager to revive their allegiance to the iconic number 99 jerseys. Admittedly, arguments against this potential move highlight concerns about Watt joining late in the season, a train on which others in the organization have been working since its inception.

However, compelling reasons support exploring and executing a contract for Watt’s return:

  1. Pass Rush Assistance: The Texans face challenges in converting pressure into sacks, with their recent game against the Jaguars yielding no sacks and minimal quarterback hits. Watt, renowned for his ability to bring down quarterbacks, could significantly impact the team’s pass rush, adding a dynamic element for the remainder of the season.
  2. Rewriting the Final Chapter: Watt’s departure from the Texans in 2021 concluded a dismal season marked by a 4-12 record, the dismissal of coach Bill O’Brien, and the controversial presence of Jack Easterby. Returning now provides Watt an opportunity to rewrite the last chapter of his Texans career, potentially transforming it into a positive conclusion amid the team’s resurgence and playoff prospects.
  3. Fan Engagement: The Texans have faced challenges in attracting fans back to the stadium on Sundays. Bringing Watt back could serve as a strategic move to boost attendance and generate excitement among the fan base. While the sellout outcome is uncertain, the mere prospect of Watt’s return is likely to drive ticket sales.


As Watt’s next appearance on McAfee’s show approaches, the unfolding storyline adds a captivating layer to the broader narrative of the Texans’ return to respectability and contention. The possibility of J.J. Watt’s reunion with the Houston Texans adds an intriguing dynamic to the team’s evolving 2023 season.

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