“It’s called Snooker for a reason!!”: Stephen Hendry and Shaun Murphy reacts to controversial decisions as they call for major snooker rule change at UK Championship …

Snooker luminaries Stephen Hendry and Shaun Murphy are advocating for a substantial overhaul of the sport’s rules, specifically during the ongoing UK Championship. The crux of their argument centers on the considerable “dead time” witnessed in tournament matches, prompting them to propose a rule change that they believe could enhance the overall quality of snooker.

During their punditry roles for the BBC at the Barbican in York, Hendry introduced the notion of concluding matches once the trailing player requires snookers. In the context of snooker, players resort to attempting snookers when they need more points than what is currently available on the table, aiming to force their opponent into a foul for additional points.

This scenario frequently unfolds in high-profile matches, often resulting in the player needing snookers failing to secure them. Hendry and Murphy have voiced their dissatisfaction with the time-consuming nature of these situations during matches and are urging a modification to the rules that would conclude games when snookers become necessary.

Hendry articulated his desire for a tournament format where matches would automatically end when snookers are required. Murphy reinforced this stance by stating, “I tweeted that last week and got widely abused for it. But I think I am onto something, I mean the frame is over! Let’s rack them up and let’s go.”

In response to inquiries about the feasibility of implementing such a change, Hendry acknowledged the potential challenges, particularly in terms of television coverage. He highlighted the abundance of “dead time” during matches, emphasizing the lack of excitement in watching a player being several snookers ahead.

2023 UK Championship - Day 3

BBC commentator John Parrott and snooker star Ken Doherty expressed their disagreement with the proposed rule change shortly after Hendry and Murphy raised the issue. Parrott dismissed the idea, remarking, “Typical, two players who don’t know what a snooker looks like want to change the rules.” Doherty echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the game’s name, “It’s called snooker for a reason, John, isn’t it?”

The proposal by Murphy and Hendry has faced significant backlash from fans on social media platforms. Many argue that the excitement of snooker lies in the strategic aspect of laying snookers, with some contending that this suggested change would strip the sport of its essence. Eurosport commentator Mark Valledy expressed concern, stating that the proposed rule change would essentially “rip the heart and soul from the sport.” He highlighted the art and skill of laying snookers as a fundamental and captivating element of the game, echoing Doherty’s sentiment about the sport’s very name.

“Ripping the heart and soul from the sport with this idea,” they said. “One of the most fascinating (and skilfull) parts of the game is the art of laying Snookers, and as Ken rightly said…‘It’s called Snooker for a reason!!’”

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