John Higgins makes a shocking comment as he explains why he believes ‘the greatest’ Ronnie O’Sullivan is ‘bigger than the sport’…

In the ongoing UK Championship, snooker legends Ronnie O’Sullivan and John Higgins are renewing their storied rivalry, spanning over 30 years. Higgins, acknowledging the enduring thrill of facing O’Sullivan, expressed that the Rocket seems to transcend the sport itself.

Despite their 78 professional encounters and numerous clashes in junior competitions, Higgins maintains a unique excitement when competing against O’Sullivan. He admits to a subtle competitive edge, acknowledging the universal consensus that O’Sullivan is considered the greatest snooker player by almost everyone.

From the outset of their careers, Higgins recognized O’Sullivan’s extraordinary talent, describing him as “incredible” when they first crossed paths in their teens. As the years have passed, O’Sullivan has unequivocally solidified his status as the sport’s preeminent figure.

Higgins goes a step further, suggesting that O’Sullivan has transcended the sport itself. The four-time UK champion notes that when facing O’Sullivan, the aura surrounding the Rocket goes beyond conventional rivalries. O’Sullivan’s colossal global fanbase contributes to the perception that he has become larger than the sport of snooker.

Higgins previously highlighted O’Sullivan’s unparalleled success, attributing it to the Rocket’s exceptional cue ball control, a skill that surpasses all others in the game. In his view, this control affords O’Sullivan a multitude of opportunities to secure frames, rounds, and ultimately, tournament victories. The Wizard of Wishaw dismisses any notion of complexity, asserting that O’Sullivan’s supremacy is grounded in the simplicity of superior cue ball control.

John Higgins explains what makes Ronnie O'Sullivan so great and why he is  'still dominating' snooker rivals - Eurosport

As O’Sullivan aims to extend his record seven UK Championship victories, and Higgins pursues a fourth crown, their enduring rivalry continues to captivate fans, with Higgins conceding that O’Sullivan’s presence on the snooker stage has elevated him to a status beyond the confines of the sport.

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