Insider expressed his frustration as he slams at ‘ineffective pass rush’ as he namecheck major factor behind the Texans disheartening defeat to the Jaguars…

The Houston Texans experienced a disheartening defeat against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 12 of the 2023 NFL season, concluding with a score of 24-21. Despite being on the cusp of forcing overtime, the Texans fell short due to a series of errors, with several key players shouldering the blame. In this analysis, we will pinpoint and explore the four individuals from the Houston Texans roster who are primarily responsible for the team’s loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars’ triumph elevated their season record to 8-3, while the Texans saw their standing decline to 6-5. CJ Stroud, the second overall draft pick, showcased an impressive performance, setting an NFL rookie record with 306 passing yards and two touchdowns in his first 11 games. The Texans, attempting a late-game comeback with a 58-yard field goal, were thwarted when the kick struck the crossbar, securing the Jaguars’ redemption from their previous Week 3 defeat to the Texans.

Trevor Lawrence led the Jaguars with 364 passing yards and a touchdown, overshadowing Stroud’s efforts. Despite a commendable late-game push by the Texans, highlighted by a 55-yard drive culminating in a 17-yard touchdown reception by Nico Collins, the team fell short, and a missed field goal sealed their fate.

Although there were glimpses of Stroud’s magic, the rookie quarterback faced hindrances during the critical moments of the game. Two timeouts were expended before the final drive due to mismanagement of the play clock and an additional issue involving 12 men on the field during a Jaguars’ punt. These factors impacted the Texans’ potential comeback, leaving fans to wonder about the missed opportunities with additional timeouts.

Furthermore, Stroud encountered two crucial sacks on the final drive, with the second one significantly affecting field position. The Texans moved from the 37-yard line to the 46-yard line, altering the dynamics of the potentially game-tying kick. Despite criticisms of the secondary’s questionable penalties on third downs in the second half, the Texans remained competitive until the last moments.

The blame for the Texans’ Week 12 loss extends beyond the players on the field. The pass rush, typically an area of strength, faltered against the Jaguars, failing to register a single sack on Lawrence, who exploited the lack of pressure to accumulate 364 passing yards. Addressing this weakness is imperative for the team’s improvement in the upcoming offseason, especially considering their average of just two sacks per game.

In addition to the pass rush, the running backs Dameon Pierce and Devin Singletary struggled against the formidable Jaguars defense, ranked fourth against the run. Pierce, returning from a three-game absence due to an ankle injury, and Singletary, coming off two consecutive 100-yard games, faced significant challenges, managing only 18 and 14 yards on six and five carries, respectively.

Ultimately, the Texans’ Week 12 loss against the Jaguars was a culmination of defensive lapses, offensive challenges, and strategic errors, with specific players and units shouldering the majority of the blame for the disappointing outcome.

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