Swansea City chief drops a ‘shocking’  comment as he makes Hull City comparison with Tigers on the right track…

Swansea City seeks their first victory against Hull City in five encounters, and manager Michael Duff draws inspiration from Hull’s transformation over the past year as he aims to assert his influence at Swansea.

Duff, appointed in the summer following Russell Martin’s departure to Southampton, is determined to instigate changes in playing style and personnel akin to the positive developments witnessed under Liam Rosenior’s leadership at Hull.

The Swans’ season commenced with a struggle, failing to secure a win in their initial seven Championship games, placing them 17th in the league, seven points behind eighth-placed City. In contrast, Hull, under Rosenior’s guidance for just over a year, experienced a notable evolution in both playing style and squad composition.

Over the last ten games, Swansea has accumulated 17 points, showcasing a marked improvement from their initial two points in the first six outings. Duff, optimistic about future progress, acknowledged the challenging schedule faced by Swansea, emphasizing the significance of their upcoming tough fixtures against formidable opponents.

Duff highlighted the importance of possessing the ball with purpose, intending to implement a press strategy to unsettle opponents. Despite facing setbacks in recent games with substantial possession, he emphasized the need to capitalize on ball possession.

Drawing parallels between Swansea and Hull, he noted both teams’ possession-oriented approaches but underscored the importance of purposeful possession.

Acknowledging Hull’s positive trajectory, Duff commended Rosenior’s managerial consistency and vision for the team’s playing style. Reflecting on Rosenior’s earlier stint at Derby, Duff praised the manager’s commitment to his tactical philosophy despite initial mixed results.

While recognizing the positive aspects of Hull’s development, Duff maintained a competitive spirit, expressing a desire for success while acknowledging the challenges posed by a well-managed Hull team under Rosenior.


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