Brown’s Head Coach Kevin Stefanski sends a six-word message as he outlines his major ‘focus’ ahead of week 12 clash…

Kevin Stefanski recently discussed the Browns’ approach on the “Kevin Stefanski Show,” addressing concerns about his playcalling in the second half of the emotional win against the Steelers. When questioned about opening up the playbook for quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson (DTR), Stefanski emphasized their game-by-game focus on winning.

Despite an impressive first half against the Steelers, the Browns faced challenges, with Jaylen Warren’s 74-yard touchdown narrowing their lead. Subsequently, the play-calling became conservative, heavily relying on the run and limiting DTR to structured, short throws. Thompson-Robinson’s quick release time, leading the NFL at 2.34 seconds, raised some eyebrows.

However, doubts about the play-calling vanished during the last drive, where DTR’s effective passing led to a game-winning field goal, breaking a 10-10 tie. Stefanski’s cautious play-calling, influenced by lessons from Week 2, emphasized the avoidance of turnovers, contributing significantly to the victory and setting a tone for future games.

Stefanski acknowledged that as long as the quarterback avoids costly mistakes, the team’s strong roster positions them to win consistently. Browns fans can expect a conservative offensive approach, relying on a solid defense, as seen against the Steelers. Looking ahead to the game against Denver, Stefanski anticipates a similar strategy, with potential adjustments as Thompson-Robinson gains comfort.

DTR’s first road start may resemble the structured plays seen in the first half against the Steelers, especially considering the Broncos’ struggling pass defense. While Stefanski might gradually open up the playbook as DTR becomes more comfortable, the priority remains protecting the rookie from game-changing mistakes.

Denver’s strength in forcing turnovers adds to Stefanski’s commitment to a cautious offensive approach. Until DTR gains more experience, the Browns are likely to stick with conservative play calls, relying on their defense and adopting an old-school offensive mentality to secure victories.

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