Fans react to what Ronnie O’Sullivan said in tears over his impact on ‘all-time great’ Judd Trump…

Ronnie O’Sullivan remains deeply touched by the profound influence he has had on Judd Trump’s snooker career, lauding the 34-year-old as an “all-time great” in the sport. O’Sullivan’s recently released documentary, ‘The Edge of Everything,’ received acclaim, reaching its pinnacle with the 2022 World Championship final showdown between O’Sullivan and Trump.

A poignant moment during the tournament was the extended embrace between the two players on the Crucible floor, captured in the documentary. The film unveiled the heartfelt exchange between O’Sullivan and Trump, where the latter expressed gratitude for O’Sullivan’s earlier practice sessions and the significant impact on his formative years in the sport.

Revisiting this scene while watching the documentary with the BBC, O’Sullivan once again became emotional, visibly moved by the realization of the impact he had on Trump’s journey. Reflecting on their shared practice sessions, O’Sullivan revealed, “Me and Judd practiced in the same facility, and then Judd came down to London when he was about 18 or 19 [years old]. We used to practice in the same sort of place.”

Trump acknowledged learning from O’Sullivan’s practice methods and expressed that he had absorbed all the necessary lessons. O’Sullivan recalled Trump’s words, saying, “He even said it to me, he said when he decided to go back up to Bristol, I said ‘Why are you doing that?’ And he went ‘I learned all I needed to learn off of you, the job was done. I knew there was nothing left for me to learn, so it’s time for me to go back to my family in Bristol.'”

O’Sullivan, recognizing the depth of his impact, admitted, “You know, that means a lot. I didn’t realize I had that impact on him.”

What Judd Trump said to Ronnie O'Sullivan in emotional hug after world  final -

Despite O’Sullivan’s legendary status in snooker, he expressed admiration for Trump’s achievements, especially in the current season where Trump has claimed three trophies and reached two more finals, positioning himself as a formidable contender for the world number one spot.

O’Sullivan welcomed the possibility of Trump surpassing him in the rankings, praising Trump’s approach to the game and categorizing him as an “all-time great” even in the current stage of his career. Their mutual respect and camaraderie were emphasized by O’Sullivan, who noted Trump’s positive mentality and maturation in the sport. O’Sullivan concluded by expressing his profound respect for Trump, stating, “I’d say he’s an all-time great already and he’s still got years to go. A lot of respect for Judd.”

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