Will Browns Start Expanding 24-year-old Repertoire by Using His Mobility More? 

In preparation for their upcoming game against the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson reflects on his performance in the previous game against the Steelers. Thompson-Robinson played a crucial role in the 13-10 victory, orchestrating a game-winning drive that led to a field goal with only two seconds left on the clock. During this decisive drive, he showcased precision by completing all four of his passes for 39 yards.

When asked about his overall performance in his second start, Thompson-Robinson acknowledged the need for continuous improvement. He emphasized the significance of playing on time to counter the opposing defense’s rushes. Despite facing challenges, particularly against the formidable Steelers defense, he expressed satisfaction with the game’s outcome and aims to carry the momentum forward.

Thompson-Robinson recognizes the importance of self-analysis, stating that there’s no secret formula for success. He emphasizes the value of consistent hard work throughout the week in practice to address weaknesses and enhance his performance on game day.

In the game against the Steelers, Thompson-Robinson completed 24 of 43 passes for 165 yards with one interception. The rookie quarterback also faced dropped passes and rushed three times for 20 yards. Looking at his overall season statistics, he has completed 44 of 80 passes for 295 yards, with no touchdowns and four interceptions, resulting in a rating of 42.4.

Despite the challenges, Thompson-Robinson feels increasingly comfortable as each week progresses, attributing it to the adjustment from college to the NFL. He highlights the importance of progressing in his understanding of the offense, timing with receivers, and collaboration with the coaching staff.

Head coach Kevin Stefanski acknowledges the leadership role that comes with being a quarterback, commending Thompson-Robinson for his efforts in directing the team on and off the field. Stefanski emphasizes the quarterback’s responsibility to facilitate coordination among teammates, irrespective of experience.

Thompson-Robinson draws on his mobility, a skill honed during his college career, to contribute to the team’s success. He emphasizes the quarterback’s role in gaining first downs and touchdowns, expressing a willingness to use his running abilities strategically to keep the defense on edge.

Although Thompson-Robinson did not attempt deep passes in the previous game, he expresses a desire to expand his repertoire in the future. He defers to the game plan set by Coach Stefanski and remains focused on executing it to the best of his abilities.

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Addressing the arrival of veteran quarterback Joe Flacco, Thompson-Robinson views it as a blessing and an opportunity to learn. He appreciates the mentorship and collaboration with Flacco, acknowledging his positive impact on the team dynamic. Coach Stefanski refrains from naming a backup quarterback for the upcoming game but emphasizes Flacco’s professionalism and ability to contribute as a teammate.

In summary, Thompson-Robinson reflects on his recent success, acknowledges areas for improvement, and expresses his commitment to continuous growth and contributing to the team’s success. The integration of veteran presence, such as Joe Flacco, adds a positive dimension to the team’s dynamics.


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