Fans reaction to what Texans Coach DeMeco Ryans said in Defends of C.J. Stroud After Three-Interception Game…

Houston Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans staunchly defended rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud, displaying unwavering support even after Stroud’s less-than-ideal three-interception outing during Week 11. Stroud, in his professional career’s first instance, jeopardized his team’s victory by yielding multiple interceptions. Fortunately, the Texans’ defense stepped up, securing a 21-16 win against the Arizona Cardinals.

Post-game, Stroud drew a parallel between himself and prolific three-point shooter Steph Curry, emphasizing that his confidence remained unshaken despite a few erroneous decisions. Despite the interceptions, Stroud’s track record of aggression and success in the first half-season prevailed.

In the preceding two weeks, Stroud orchestrated game-winning drives, contributing to the Texans’ impressive 6-4 record, positioning them just one game away from the top spot. Head coach DeMeco Ryans emphasized the team’s unity and mutual support as integral components of their success, underscoring the essence of playing together to become a formidable team.

Looking ahead to Week 12, the Texans, now standing at 6-4, prepare to face the 7-3 Jacksonville Jaguars in a crucial contest for AFC South leadership. Having already triumphed in the first encounter in Jacksonville, securing a series sweep would significantly bolster the Texans’ playoff ambitions.

While acknowledging Stroud’s need to reduce risky plays, Coach Ryans highlighted the quarterback’s resilient mentality and overall commendable performance. He encouraged Stroud to adopt an ‘attack first’ mindset, urging him to learn from mistakes and maintain an aggressive approach to the game.

In Week 11, despite the interceptions, Stroud showcased his prowess by completing 27-of-37 passes for 336 yards, delivering two touchdowns. Coach Ryans praised Stroud’s poise and accuracy in and out of structured plays, emphasizing these as consistent traits over 10 games.

Ryans dismissed the notion of Stroud hitting a rookie wall, expressing the team’s unwavering confidence in their quarterback. He attributed the team’s current position to Stroud’s contributions and affirmed their intent to continue relying on him moving forward.

The Texans remain optimistic, understanding that Stroud’s early success outweighs occasional interceptions in a victory.

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