Texans defender makes a ‘stunning’ comment as he gets MVP honor after awesome community gesture…

Houston Texans free safety Jalen Pitre handed out over 300 turkeys within his community ahead of Thanksgiving weekend.

Texans’ Jalen Pitre, recognized with the Week 11 NFLPA Community MVP award, distributed 300 Thanksgiving turkeys and raised $25,000 for childhood hunger.

His impactful off-field contributions showcase the positive influence NFL players can have beyond football.

The award, highlighting players’ philanthropy, underscores the league’s commitment to social responsibility and positions athletes as influential figures capable of effecting positive change.

Pitre’s recognition aligns with the NFL’s broader initiatives to address societal challenges, contributing to the narrative of athletes using their platform for the greater good.

As the NFLPA Community MVP program continues to spotlight players making a difference, Pitre’s Week 11 accolade serves as a reminder of athletes’ positive impact when leveraging their influence to uplift communities.



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