Michael Flynn expressed his heartfelt ‘disappointments’ as he reveals a stunning reaction after a dramatic Crash-out in the FA cup…

Following a new deal, Swindon Town manager Michael Flynn has witnessed his team face setbacks in the FA Cup and two league defeats. Despite these challenges, Flynn commended his team’s resilience and unity in earning a hard-fought point against Harrogate Town.

The team’s 7-4 loss to Aldershot Town in the FA Cup, followed by a 3-1 defeat at Colchester United and a 4-2 home loss to league leaders Stockport County, marked a concerning period. Flynn emphasized the importance of halting this negative trend and expressed satisfaction with Saturday’s performance, acknowledging that results are the ultimate yardstick for evaluation.

Despite a positive start with Jake Young scoring a beautiful goal, extending his scoring streak to four games, Swindon faced a setback in the second half. Flynn, reflecting on the match, recognized a lapse in the team’s second-half performance but praised their ability to stick together.

Addressing the post-match situation, Flynn admitted the team’s occasional struggles after halftime but lauded their collective effort. He believed the performance deserved morethan a single point and highlighted the team’s resilience during challenging moments.

While acknowledging the team’s overall poor performance during the game, Flynn emphasized honesty in evaluating their play. He pointed out a slow start and expressed frustration with a period where improvements could have been made. Despite these challenges, Flynn appreciated the team’s commitment and effort.

The pre-game focus was on shoring up a leaky defense over the past fortnight, and although there was improvement, Flynn acknowledged room for further enhancement. He emphasized the importance of mentality, leadership, and avoiding lapses, noting the team’s vulnerability when switching off.

In conclusion, Flynn recognized the fortunate escape in certain situations and highlighted the ongoing need for improvement, demonstrating a balanced perspective on both the positive and challenging aspects of the team’s recent performances.

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