Joshua Dobbs contract breakdown: NFL Finance Expert reveals how much money the Vikings QB will be making in 2023…

The Vikings’ acquisition of Joshua Dobbs before the 2023 NFL trade deadline, initially perceived as a strategic move following Kirk Cousins’ injury, has proven to be a significant game-changer. With a 2-0 record since Dobbs took the reins, the quarterback showcased his prowess in leading the Vikings to come-from-behind victories against the Falcons and the Saints, improving Minnesota’s overall record to 6-4.

Dobbs, often considered a diamond in the rough, is gaining recognition for his winning contributions, reminiscent of high-end backups like Ryan Fitzpatrick. Despite not being a top-tier starter, the 28-year-old is displaying valuable qualities that could lead to a lucrative contract during the 2024 NFL offseason.

For the 2023 season, Dobbs is operating under a one-year, $2 million deal signed with the Browns in the offseason. Despite being traded twice since then, the contract makes him a relative bargain, ranking 51st in average annual value (AAV) among NFL quarterbacks.

While Dobbs’ record as a starter may not be stellar at 2-7, his productive passing and elusive ground play have stood out in the 2023 NFL season, despite challenges such as playing for three teams within a year. His passer rating of 101.4 over two games with the Vikings further reinforces his commendable performance.

Looking ahead to the 2024 NFL offseason, Dobbs’ contract projection suggests a two-year deal with a total value of $14.5 million, an AAV of $7.25 million, and guarantees amounting to $7 million. However, the projection considers the competitive landscape, including a loaded quarterback draft class and the availability of veteran backups in free agency.

Comparisons to Falcons quarterback Taylor Heinicke’s two-year, $14 million deal during the 2023 NFL offseason highlight the potential range of Dobbs’ future contract.

As he prepares to become a free agent once again, the question remains whether he will secure high-end backup money or land a deal as a low-end starter, with indications leaning toward the former.

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