‘Crime’ – Sky Sports pundit left ‘Fuming’ as news emerges from Everton in last 24 hours as he blast at point deduction claims…

Kevin Campbell has expressed his disapproval of the recent Everton points deduction due to a breach of Profit and Sustainability rules.

The Sky Sports pundit deems the 10-point penalty too severe for the committed offense and has conveyed his frustration on Twitter.

Everton has appealed the decision, and the outcome is pending. The Premier League’s decision has raised concerns about fairness, especially in comparison to the leniency shown to clubs like Manchester City, facing numerous charges related to Financial Fair Play violations.

Critics argue that Everton’s punishment establishes an unsettling precedent, leading to discussions about potential biases in the league’s decision-making process.

Some advocate for a collective response from other clubs to challenge the punitive measures and call for a reevaluation of the league’s approach to financial regulations.




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