Shaun Murphy sends a stunning message to Snooker star Judd Trump as he reveals why he was wowed by what he did…

Judd Trump executed what is being hailed as one of the most remarkable snooker shots in history during his quarter-final triumph over Shaun Murphy in the Champion of Champions event.

In a closely contested match tied at 3-3, Trump faced a 31-point deficit with just one red remaining in a challenging position on the cushion. Opting for an audacious play, Trump skillfully sliced between the brown and blue after potting the yellow, freeing the last red with a perfect kiss.

By forcefully sinking the yellow with enough backspin to guide the white to the opposite side of the table, Trump orchestrated a flawless shot, leaving the red positioned over the middle pocket.

This extraordinary move served as a confidence boost, propelling Trump to claim victory with a 6-4 comeback. The stunning shot generated a frenzy on social media, with fans declaring it one of the greatest snooker shots ever witnessed.

On Twitter, users expressed awe, with statements like, “That’s it, my new favorite shot of all time and it isn’t close” and “Probably the best shot I’ve ever seen live… Trump has cue power like no other, absolutely incredible.”

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