Houston Texans Head Coach discuss plans to Stay Hot With Arizona Cardinals In Town…

On Sunday, the Houston Texans aim for their third consecutive win against the struggling Arizona Cardinals. Despite the Cardinals’ poor 2-8 record, the game’s spread favors the Texans by four or five points. Originally expected to be similar teams, the Texans and Cardinals took different paths after a draft trade. The Cardinals, with a 2-8 record, align with expectations, while the 5-4 Texans are playoff contenders.

Four key aspects to watch in the upcoming game:

Let down avoidance: The Texans, touted as a playoff dark horse, must avoid complacency after receiving positive media attention during their two-week break.

Kyler Murray: The return of Cardinals’ QB Kyler Murray, instrumental in their recent win, poses a challenge for the Texans’ defense. Containing Murray’s improvisational play is crucial.

Devin Singletary, Part Two: Following Singletary’s impressive performance, the Texans seek offensive balance for continued success.

C.J. Stroud, master chef: Rookie QB Stroud, a standout player this season, is expected to deliver impressive numbers against the Cardinals’ struggling defense.

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